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High pressure piston pumpsPneumatic high-pressure piston pumps
WILDCAT, PUMA, LEOPARD, JAGUAR, TIGER... – Power made to measure!
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Low pressure piston pumpsThroughout industry, WAGNER feed pumps ensure an optimal, reliable paint supply. They convert energy into perfect performance and provide a constant, pulsation-free flow of material – even over great distances between paint room and point of application.
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High pressure diaphragm pumpsThe pneumatically operated double diaphragm pump works with extremely low pulsation, and thanks to its diaphragm technology it needs no packings or wiper rings. The pressure and fluid section is air cooled by the exhaust air from the pneumatic motor, guaranteeing constant performance figures.click to view
Low pressure diaphragm pumpsThis pneumatically operated double diaphragm pumps work with extremely low pulsation. The pumps are equipped with the low icing "Runner" air motor, which is characterised by low air consumption with maximum reliability and performance.

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Hot sprayingHeating up the paint material makes it independent of the ambient temperature and guarantees a high process reliability. Maintaining a warm temperature for the materials reduces their viscosity, brings a distinct improvement in the quality of the atomisation and thus in the surface.

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ApplyingThe list of objects coated with WAGNER guns stretches from heavy lorry axles to children’s toys, and from exclusive pens to tablets.click to view
SupraCoatAdvanced technology producing excellent finishes

WAGNER SupraCoat is a coating system designed for customer benefits and economy.
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AirCoatThe Wagner manual and automatic AirCoat technology is convincing.

GM 3000AC Manual AirCoat gun
GM 3000AC Automatic AirCoat gun
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AirlessAirless guns for paint material pressures up to 530 bar / 7700 PSI. Manual guns have to be designed to be ergonomic, to allow the user to work without fatigue. The low holding force for the trigger and an ergonomically designed pistol grip satisfy this ergonomic requirement. Making the material wetted parts in stainless steel allows water-based paints and other critical materials to be applied.
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ElectrostaticElectrostatic guns for manual and automatic application

Wagner's electrostatically supported atomization processes are highly economical coating systems, offering decisive advantages over conventional application techniques, in many areas of industry and craft.
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EvobellThe demands for surface finish quality are continually increasing in many parts of industry. With the Evobell 3000 and 3500, WAGNER has developed a new generation of high-speed rotary atomisers which set new standards in the surface technology.click to view
NozzlesWAGNER offers a wide range of high quality nozzles for industrial applications. The range runs from AirCoat nozzles for conventional and also electrostatic applications right up to airless nozzles for rough use in shipyards and heavy corrosion protection.
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ControllingWAGNER controllers can be optimally matched to all wishes and requirements. All functions of the system such as paint output rate, spray pattern, object recognition and control of the movement technology for the application can be centrally controlled, checked and documented using the latest electronics.

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Modular Painting SystemThe Modular Painting System is the ideal entry into automatic coating. Its expansion possibilities make it an interesting alternative to large complex systems, from a technical and pricing point of view.

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Customized solutionsPaint ejection quantity, spray jet size, object detection and lifting functions centrally controlled and monitored. 0ptimum efficiency for every type of coating: With intelligent control technology.

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MixingThe electronic mixing and dosing equipment from the Intellimix range, and FlexControl, allow us to offer a range which optimally meets the high demands of industry in the mixing and dosing fields.

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FlexControl FamilyUniversal electronic mixing and dosing equipment for manual and automatic application
The electronic FlexControl and FlexControl plus 2K units will impress you with its wide application range in the automation of 2K mixing and dosing processes and offers important advantages against mechanical 2K equiment.

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Intellimix FamilyThe electronic mixing and dosing equipment Intellimix 3 and Intellimix 4 cover a very wide spectrum of use in respect to the materials applied. The precision and flexibility of the equipment guarantees high efficiency and a first class surface finish.

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2K 48-90/40Wagner has developed mixing and dispensing units in various power classes for the application of 2-component paints. The mixing ratio can be simply, precisely and smoothly adjusted. The integral solvent flushing system eases cleaning and prevents mixed paint residues from remaining in the system.
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2K 70-250/250Wagner 70-250/250 high pressure 2 Component airless pump unit for ship yards and corrosion protection
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FeedingWhether it's paints, stains, mould release agents, primers, adhesives, chemicals, whether it's high or low viscosity, watery or with a high solids content - WAGNER provides the right transfer pump for each material, for each application.click to view
Wet Paint CoatingIn the design and manufacture of the latest generation of reciprocators, WAGNER is consistently putting into practice the knowledge gained from experience. Quality and long service life are prominent in these products. The movement technology range is rounded off by the RoboCoat robot technology.

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RoboCoatThe RoboCoat system allows a high quality, reliable painting solution to be achieved for a wide range of industrial goods, such as household appliances and car components. Ease of maintenance, fast acceleration and high-speed operation minimise the cycle times and production costs. The robust design of this six axis, servo electric robot allows it to be used even in the rough production environment of a paint booth.

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Movement technologyThe automatic electrical reciprocators are subjected to constant loading. This is why the reliability and robustness of the reciprocator mechanism play such a special role.click to view
Gun flush boxThe gun flush box can be used as a "stand alone" unit as well as in combination with a control cabinet e.g. 2K unit. The gun flush box can be adapted to each Wagner manual gun.
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